The West Pomeranian Folk High School in Mierzyn (ZUL) is an institution of civic education in West Pomerania, the assumptions of which are mainly based on Grundtvigian traditions. In our activities, we refer to the Polish traditions of Fr. A. Ludwiczak and Ignacy Solarz. The holistic educational program is diverse, full of ideas and implemented in accordance with the “living word” method of working at Folk High Schools. Due to the direct vicinity of the Federal Republic of Germany, ZUL allocated a significant part of its activity to the broadly understood intercultural exchange. The focus is on culture, education and the development of intellectual, physical and practical skills as an adult.

The West Pomeranian Folk High School was established on the 16th of May 2017 as a non-public institution, operating mainly among adults living in rural areas. The formalities were completed with the June 13th, 2017 entry into the register of associations and foundations of the National Court Register. Today, after 4 years of operation, almost 60 different local, national and international projects have been implemented. ZUL laboratories have been reequipped, it has been awarded with the ISO certificate, ZUL has become a social enterprise that is still ready for new challenges.

The German dormitory for adults Heimvolkshochschule became the role model for the founders of the West Pomeranian Folk High School. Great importance is attached to course preparation for leaders and activists of local communities, and to building the regional cultural heritage through numerous handicraft workshops, exhibitions, vernissages and cooperation with local artists.

Methods and forms of work at the West Pomeranian Folk High School

  • „living word”
  • „joint stay at the common table”
  • student work for the folk high school
  • joint organization of free time
  • work in projects
  • self-education
  • cooperation and partnership spirit
  • work in groups
  • learning by practice


West Pomeranian Folk High School – Foundation
Welecka street 13b, 72-006 Mierzyn
facebook.com/uniwersytetludowymierzyn ,
tel. 0048 506 533 449,
e-mail: zachodniopomorskiul@wp.pl