Seddiner See

Our institution was founded 30 years ago as an institution for adult education in rural areas. We offer seminars for political and cultural education as well as on the land and people in the state of Brandenburg. In addition, seminars on continuing vocational training in the agricultural sector can be attended. With our projects Agraraktiv and Landaktiv, our information offers on the „green professions” in agriculture are primarily aimed at schoolchildren. The Forum ländlicher Raum – Netzwerk Brandenburg is a dialogue platform for all actors involved in regional development. The focus is on communication with the local action groups. In addition, it promotes educational events in order to be able to deal with the challenges of rural areas in a qualified and well-founded manner.

Our house is located close to nature at Lake Seddin and offers 55 modern rooms für accomodation. We offer fresh meals served every day using regional products. We are conveniently located at the gates of Berlin and Potsdam and are also easy to reach by public transport.

The responsible body of the folk high school is the non-profit association „LändlicheHeimvolkshochschule am Seddiner See” e.V.

Members of the non-profit association „LändlicheHeimvolkshochschule am Seddiner See” e.V. are:

  • Landesbauernverband Brandenburg e.V. (Farmers’ Association)
  • Evangelische Kirche Berlin-Brandenburg-schlesische Oberlausitz (Protestant Church)
  • Landkreis Potsdam-Mittelmark(County)
  • Berlin-Brandenburgische Landjugend e.V. (rural youth association)
  • Brandenburger Landfrauenverband e.V. (rural women’s association)
  • Genossenschaftsverband –Verband der Regionen e.V. (federation of cooperatives)
  • Gemeinde Seddiner See (commune)

The Pedagogical Advisory Board of folk high school Seddiner See consists of representatives of the responsible body as well as experts from science and further education. The Pedagogical Advisory Board advises the pedagogical staff of the Adult Education Centre in matters of educational organisation, contents and methods.

We have a holistic concept of education and stand for lifelong learning in the connection of -vocational -political -cultural -and general further education.

The pedagogical foundation of our work is:

  • livingandlearningtogether-Teachers always see themselves as learners
  • Education throughdialogue-Public welfareorientation
  • Learning with heart, hand and mind.

„A moving heart is as essential for learning as an alert mind.” (Nikolai F. S. Grundtvig)

Heimvolkshochschule am Seddiner See
Seeweg 2
14554 Seddiner See,,
tel. 033205 2500-15,
fax 033205 2500-19