The Radawnica Folk High School operates as part of the Polish People’s Universities Association. It began in 1946, when Edmund Splitt founded the People’s University in Zakrzewo. That same year, the institution was moved to the neo-Gothic palace in Radawnica, where it has operated ever since. Thus, the Radawnica Folk High School is the oldest continuously operating Folk High School in Poland. The People’s University movement originated in Denmark, where the theoretical basis for adult education was provided by Pastor Nicholas F. Grundtvig. These establishments are based on a holistic approach to the human being, creating a non-competitive environment to stay in while learning, prioritising practical learning over theory and making use of people’s life experiences and learning one from the other.

The Radavnica Folk High School started its activities by organising courses for repolonisation and community organisers, accountants and kindergarten teachers. The most famous were the 2-year cultural and educational courses with a specialisation in dance or photography. At that time, people from all over Poland came to the UL – some of them went on to have outstanding careers, such as Grażyna Auguścik – jazz singer, Jolanta Dylewska – cameraman, winner of many film awards, Marian Rynkiewicz – well-known photographer, Witold Jurkiewicz – artist photographer, lecturer in photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Mikołaj Kopernik University in Toruń, or Tadeusz Rzeczycki – cameraman at TVP.

Today, Radawnica specialises in training in helping fields, professions geared towards helping dependent, sick people and those at risk of exclusion (occupational therapy, health care worker, community care worker, teacher’s assistant in kindergartens). The second sphere of activity of the University is cultural and artistic education manifested through the organisation of art workshops, open-air events, vernissages and exhibitions. A strong point is that the classes are taught by excellent instructors, trainers and teachers, and at the same time masters and artists in icon writing, painting, ceramics, macramé, stained glass, wickerwork, leatherwork, weaving, woodworking and other arts. The Radawnica Folk High School is also involved in civic education – providing counselling and training for NGOs, people interested in activating the local community. For the purposes of this activity, last year we established the Centre for Local Integration.

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