Brenderup Højskole is one of around 70 FHS in Denmark – the school’s first students arrived in 1986. The history of folk high schoopls dates back to the mid-19th century. They offer non-formal education in a wide variety of subjects, while aiming to enlighten the students so that they gain higher self-esteem, a greater awareness of their own capabilities in life and a basis for democratic interaction with others. Brenderup Højskole is a boarding school for adult education. The courses are mainly divided into two categories: a) 12- to 41-week courses, which are mainly used by younger students (aged 18-30), and b) 1-2 week courses, which are mainly used by students aged 40+. Højskole offers long courses with a wide range of topics: Global Understanding and Cultural Identity, Recycling, Design, Music, Art, Sustainability with practical activities and Danish language lessons for Greenlanders/refugees/migrants. Short courses cover an even wider range of topics. We have a long tradition of inviting foreign students to spend a semester with us. This is now a key factor in the concept we call intercultural exchange. Brenderup Højskole has in its statutes a clear commitment to sustainable development, respect for human rights and teaching democratic values. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, including those who have experienced difficulties in the formal school system. Brenderup Folk High School works extensively with municipalities in Denmark to offer young people a different way to gain competences that are useful for their future lives. This means that we mentor these young people and pay special attention to their support needs both socially, professionally and academically. Folk High School in Brenderup works intensively with refugees and immigrants and therefore has extensive experience in multicultural education. In the school’s curriculum, activities such as outdoor activities, upcycling design, OFF-GRID HOUSE building, willow wickerwork and permaculture gardening are subjects in which a lot of learning takes place. It is a cross-curricular practice related to Grundtvigian pedagogy, and the teachers at Brenderup Folk High School also have extensive practical competences in one or more areas. The principal and all teachers come from free schools in Denmark, which are based on Grundtvig ideas. The teacher responsible for this project (Peter Mogensen) has also been involved in international cooperation for more than 15 years and is also the main person responsible for Brenderup Højskole’s participation in ERASMUS+ projects.

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