Gmina Adamów

The Adamów Commune is a unit of local self-government, located in the Łuków district of Lubelskie Voivodeship. The Adamów municipality was established on January 1, 1973 as a result of changes in the administrative division of the country. The seat of the municipality is the town of Adamow. The municipality currently has 5600 residents. The head of the Adamów Commune is Mr. Karol Ponikowski. The municipality consists of 17 villages and towns. The municipality is a typically agricultural unit, where, in addition to dairy farming, horticulture and soft fruit growing are developing. The Municipality carries out all the tasks that result from its status as a local government unit. In addition, the Municipality obtains external funds, thanks to which various investments can be carried out. Cooperation of the Municipality with non-governmental organizations is very good.

In 2019, the Municipality of Adamów joined as a partner in a project in the Erasmus + program. The project „Teacher in the People’s University towards the challenges of modern Europe” was implemented until August 2022. In the project, representatives of the Adamów Municipality participated in training and training trips, learned about the idea of people’s universities, exchanged experiences, worked on the curriculum for the course, which was implemented by the project leader-ZUL. One of the tasks was a study visit to Adamov. Project participants spent several days getting to know the Municipality and its surroundings and implemented the project’s objectives.

Thanks to the participation in this project and the support of the Municipality, the People’s University of Adamov was established, which operates in the form of an association. The association was founded on February 5, 2020, and on May 11, 2020 it was registered in the National Court Register.

Gmina Adamów
ul. Kleeberga 5
21-412 Adamów,,,
tel. 25 7553167,

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